International Trade and Shipping Service Center Branch


Information of Division Directors

As the division director, Mr. Lin Jianhui is in charge of the overall work, and in charge of the General Affairs Section, besides he serves as the secretary of the Party branch.

As the deputy division director, Mrs. Luo Maohuang is in charge of Import Declaration Section and E-Information-checking Section, besides she serves as the deputy secretary of the Party branch.

As the deputy division director, Mr. Zhang Jianjun is in charge of Export Declaration Section and Straight-through Clearance Section, besides he serves as the Party branch member of youth.

As the deputy division director, Mr. Cao Zhongyi is in charge of Certification Section and Customs Affairs Section, besides he serves as the Party member for propaganda work.

History and Development

November 20, 2006, Tianjin International Trade and Shipping Service Center Division was established as one of the branches of Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (TJCIQ) in that it could help to integrate resources of Tianjin port to improve the port service level and core competitiveness. Together with other port official units, it provides "one-stop" service for shipping goods of Tianjin Port.

Its major functions are as follows:

1.Imports declaration and billing, including animal and plant, food, electrical and mechanical products, textile products, chemical products and mineral products, metal materials as well as wood packaging released from Tianjin Port;

2.Exports declaration, billing for legally inspected goods produced in other places but exported from Tianjin Port, legally inspected foreign aid materials and overseas project supplies; at the same time, it also responsible certification work and Customs affairs of imported and exported goods in the business scope.  

Since the Division was established, it has paid close attention to foreign trade needs of Tianjin in order to promote local economic development. It co-operates TJCIQ to implement "customs clearance" in order to provide targeted services. It plays an important role in creating a sound environment for investment and expanding exports. Considering its efforts and contribution, in 2012, it has been granted “Excellent Service Unit” by AQSIQ.

With the continuous development of Tianjin's economy and foreign trade, the Division is facing greater challenges. All the staff will pitch in to perfect the service and improve clearance efficiency. 

Division Functions

1.    Inspection declaration and certificate issue services

2.    Inspection declaration for goods transported to inland and Straight-through Clearance business

3. Daily management and maintenance business for E-Information-checking Center

4. External coordination

5. Submitting information of misdoing in business and assisting the investigation

6. Collect, analysis and report of business information and data.

7. Other business delivered by TJCIQ.

There are seven sections in the division: General Affairs Section, Import Declaration Section, Export Declaration Section, Customs Affairs Section, Certification Section, Straight-through Clearance Section and E-Information-checking Section and their functions are as follows:

General Affairs Section: general business management and coordination, blank certificates and files management, document work, propaganda work, news report, reception, coordination with Tianjin International Trade and Shipping Service Center and logistic support.

  Import Declaration Section: inspection declaration, billing for goods imported, import releasing, deliver information in Port and Inland joint system.

  Export Declaration Section: inspection declaration, billing and export release.

  Customs Affairs Section: billing check and discharging, customs release for import goods, customs release for export goods inspected by TJCIQ, deliver documents after inspection declaration.

  Certification Section: certificates print, check and issue.

Straight-through Clearance Section: Inspection declaration, billing for goods imported from Tianjin but transported to inland; declaration, billing and release of exports.

  E-Information-checking Section: Daily management and maintenance of E-Information-checking System.

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