International Airport Branch


Mr. Song Qing: Dean, Party branch Secretary. Mr. Song presides over the overall work at the branch, and is in charge of personnel, administration, finance and logistic service, etc. He directs the work of the comprehensive office.

Ms. Li Lijun: Vice Dean, Vice Secretary of the Party branch. Ms Li is in charge of health quarantine, food, scien-tech affairs and accreditation. She directs the work of the quarantine office and the health supervision office.

Mr. Yao Jinsheng: Vice Dean. Mr. Yao is in charge of animal and plant quarantine, inspection supervision, regulatory affairs, etc. He directs the work of the goods inspection and quarantine office and the mail quarantine office.

Mr. Zhang Hongwei: Head of Discipline Inspection Group. Mr. Zhang is in charge of discipline inspection, Party affairs, discipline examination, custom clearance, information management, etc. He directs the work of the declaration clearance office.


The Airport Branch, CIQ Tianjin was founded in November, 1999. It is the branch agency at the airport of CIQ Tianjin, and is a national administrative entity.

With China furthering its opening policy and its entry to the WTO, there is a greater demand for the development of export-oriented economy, international economic cooperation and trade as well as the elimination of technical barriers in international trade. For answering those calls, in March 1998, the State Council’s Institutional Restructuring Plan was approved at the First Session of the Ninth National People’s Congress. It was determined that the State Administration of Import and Export Commodity Inspection, the State Administration of Animal and Plant Quarantine and the State Administration of Health Quarantine would be merged into the State Administration of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, which was founded in April, 1998. Meanwhile, its subordinate institution in Tianjin, i.e. Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was founded on August 10th, 1999. The branch of CIQ Tianjin at the airport was then set up.

There is at present a staff of 57 people at the Airport Branch, 4 Deans included. 6 offices are set, respectively the Comprehensive Office, the Quarantine Office, the Health Supervision Office, the Declaration Clearance Office, the Goods Inspection and Quarantine Office and the Mail Quarantine Office. The offices are at different sites from the office building, the terminal building, the inspection center to the mail allocation center. The above said 6 offices are responsible for the inspection and quarantine of aircrafts, goods, passengers, luggage and other relevant articles, health supervision, infectious disease surveillance and emergent treatment of public health emergencies, the inspection and quarantine of entry/exit mails. The branch is also ready to fulfill other relevant assignments appointed by CIQ Tianjin.


Comprehensive Office: coordinate the inspection and quarantine work at the airport; be responsible for external connection, propaganda, reception, etc. Tel: 84832649

Quarantine Office: be responsible for the health quarantine of entry/exit passengers and aircrafts, the inspection of luggage and belongings and infectious disease surveillance. Tel: 24905930 15122217641 (24 hour)

Health Supervision Office: be responsible for the health supervision over companies running food production, treatment and sale, hotels, restaurants, plants, food-matching companies, and staff working in those places; be responsible for the surveillance on vector insects and harmful creature. Tel: 84832537

Goods Inspection and Quarantine Office: inspect and quarantine the import/export goods, goods of chartered planes, express mails, wood packing materials, wood products and other relevant articles. Tel: 84888850

Declaration Clearance Office: be responsible for the application receiving, examining, fee calculating and collecting, certificate issuing, release, etc. Tel: 84832492, 84832493

Mail Quarantine Office: be responsible for the inspection and quarantine of entry/exit mails. Tel: 84832510


1.   Inspection and quarantine of entry/exit aircrafts, goods (including express mails), passengers, luggage, special articles, corpse/coffins, etc. within the area of Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

2.   Inspection and quarantine of mails within the airport area.

3.   Declaration clearance within the airport area.

4.   Regular supervision of companies within the airport area that run entry/exit express mails business.

5.   Health supervision, infectious disease surveillance, sanitation treatment and emergent treatment of public health emergencies within the airport area.

6.   Entry validation of listed CCC commodities within the airport area.

7.   Surveillance on vector insects and harmful creature within the airport area.

8.   Quarantine of entry/exit wood packing materials and quarantine of containers.

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