Leaders Information

Director of Division&Secretary of Party branch  Wang Lei

Responsible for overall work in TJCIQ Xingang Branch

Vice-Director of Division&Vice-secretary of Party branch Hou Lianqi

Responsible for work in TJCIQ Xingang Branch GangQiang inspection work

Vice-Director of Division&Vice-secretary of Party branch  Hu Xiaohong

Responsible for work in TJCIQ Xingang Branch ZhenHua inspection work


   Being part of national development strategy and a revolutionary experimental area, Tianjin Binhai New Area is now experiencing a boom in economic rise after Shenzhen and Pudong Special Economic Zone. In accordance with the rapid growth, TJ CIQ began to adopt a new inspection policy for the import cargos from Tianjin port the main contents of which include document-checking together, on-site inspection together and document-transferring together (abbreviated as "three togethers").

   Document-checking together means to sum up declaration information via computer system to document-checking center and computer will automatically check all the declaration information and give orders directly.

 On-site inspection together means to transport cargos which need to be inspected in a designated storage yard and warehouse where management, equipment and function all meet the standards so that all inspection can work publicly and effectively.

   Transfer inspection together means to add marks on container cargos which will transfer to other places for inspection together with their information to the designated CIQ. 

Xingang Division is one branch office formed to undertake the Three-togethers service and also an experimental field for together inspection service mode reformation in TJCIQ.

Division Introduction

Xingang Division, a branch office for business implementation in TJCIQ, was formed on Jan 1st, 2009

  According to business assignment requirement, Xingang Division is responsible for import plants, plant products, animal products, wood packagings, food, cosmetics and related chemicals inspection work. Consolidation cargos, different place cargos for export port inspection and different place import cargo transfer inspection. Related diseases, insects and pest supervision, wood packaging, bedding materials, container quarantine and daily supervision on export wood packaging establishments are also within CIQ responsibility. Xingang division is also in charge of other related business range information, statistic analysis and reporting work.

Division Responsibility

1 Inspection work in designated place in Tianjin port.

2 On-site inspection together work of plants, plant products, animal products, wood packagings food, cosmetics and related chemicals.

3 Consolidation cargos inspection business.

4 Different place cargo for export port inspection and different place import cargo transfer inspection.

5Selectively inspection of cargos from other places and Tianjin.

6 Related diseases, insects and pest supervision.

7 Designated place containers quarantine work.

8 Reporting illegal cases clues and assistance in investigation.

9 Statistics analysis and reporting work.

10 Other work distributed by TJCIQ.

Inner Sector

Xingang Division consists of one Executive office and five Business offices:

1 Executive office: In charge of official and administrative management together other integrated work. Contact number:25767418(Fax:25767413)

2 Reception office: In charge of receiving and transmitting orders and sheets from document-checking center, provide consultation service to establishments. Contact number: 66272621 25762620

3 Inspection office: In charge of on-site inspection of plants, plant products, animal products, animal resource food, pre-packed food, wood packaging, transfer inspection, export cargo for port inspection as well as industrial products for non food and animal addictive purpose in designated place. Contact number: 66272655 66272599

4 Sample office: In charge of sample preparation and sense inspection .Contact number: 25767432 25767435

5 Review office: In charge of declaration sheets information(inspection records, sampling records, result records) reviewing and conformation work as well as releasing certificates. Contact number:25767437 25767440

6 Release office: In charge of epidemic diseases reporting, business statistics, quality analysis, releasing orders, documents collection and post-supervision work. Contact number:25785963

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